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Manhattan by Woody Allen

‘He adored New York City. He idolized it all out of proportion. Uh, no, make that he romanticized it all out of proportion.’ This is the beginning of Manhattan – one of the best Woody Allen’s movie. Watching it we can just feel Allen’s incredible love to New York City.

Light summer tart with wild strawberries

This cake is a proposal for everybody that loves summer, fruits and… a lot of whipped cream! :)

Today is 29th of August…

… which means there is only one month left till my wedding!

Tartins with blueberries

Do you like tartins? I felt in love with all kind of tart and tartins from the first time I saw them :) For me they are like sweet and tasty work of art :)

Curry chicken and broccoli salad

I love broccoli, chicken, salty taste of Feta cheese and spicy curry :) I discovered this mix being in salad restaurant some time ago and I immediately tried to do it myself at home. It was even better! ;))

Pickled cucumbers salad

This is a simple and tasty salad, a perfect addition for every meal with meat or fish. What is more – nothing can go wrong during preparing it ;)

Simple dinner salad with tomato and cabbage

This is probably one of the simplest salad in the world. I tried it few years ago and I felt in love with it. Since that time, it’s been regularly served at my home :)

5 great day trips beyond Seattle

While dreaming about moving to Seattle I am exploring some fantastic 1-day journeys that you can take while you are there. For me the beauty of those places is just amazing, I cannot wait seeing them in reality! :)

The day of my 2-wheel friend’s betrayal

Since almost 3 months I’ve been commuting to work using a bike. The distance between my work and home is 3,7mi (6km) which is not very far, but on the other hand – not too close ;) When you do it regularly 5 times per week, it gives you 38,5mi (62km) weekly and 155mi (250km)

Weather and Climate of Seattle

Seattle has an opinion of the most rainy city in the US. If you are keen to know whether it is true or not, you must read this article! :)
Apart from that, you’ll also find here some interesting facts about Seattle weather.

Location and Population of Seatle

Everybody knows more or less where Seattle is located, but do you know where it is exactly? Some of its nicknames are: Seatown, Rain City, Gateway to Alaska, Gateway to The Pacific, so it has definitely something to do with water ;)
In this article you can also read some very interesting demographics facts about Seattle.

‘There for you 2012′ day

As an every multinational, my company also wants to  deserve for a title of social- responsible corporation. It’s a trend nowadays that huge companies have charity in their status. It’s also a perfect way for advertising – instead of paying someone for organizing marketing campaign for you, you can make a charity- related action  and

Relaxing Friday with Monty Python’s sketches

Chilly Friday with Monty Pythons’ sketchs

Wedding preparations part 1 completed! :)

I finally bought my heavenly perfect wedding dress!

Les Amours Imaginaires by Xavier Dolan

Francis and Marie are a couple of good friends. One wild night they meet Nicolas, a young intriguing man who had just arrived to Montreal. From one meeting to another, each moment spent together with their new friend makes Francis and Marie more and more fascinated by him. Soon they realize that their obsession turns into a love battle which can threaten their friendship.