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tick tock, tick tock…. 1,5 days left to my wedding!

Am I stressed? Mmm… no, because I totally cannot believe that this is actually my wedding  ;) But maybe it’s good – stress would not bring anything positive… but on the other hand maybe I’d remember these days better after all? ;) There are some things that interrupt my mind – my mother had a

Sausages in French pastry

I just love French pastry! Fortunately, since some time, it’s commonly available in stores, in fresh or frozen form. Sausage in French pastry is a popular snack. When I was buying it I always regret that there is sausage only inside and no other stuffing! That’s why I decided I must do it myself! :))

Easy dinner salad

Generally I love all types of salads. Meat + salad makes a perfect dinner :D
This salad contains all vegetables that remind me of summer – tomatoes, paprika, red onion and olives. I’m thinking of my last holidays in Greece eating it! :)

Blue lagoon

I love his drink because of its intensive sweet but also a bit sour lemon taste and this unbelievably blue color!

Vegetarian broccoli salad

Broccoli are one of the most healthy vegetables. They have positive influence on heart and circulatory system. Apart from that, they are also delicious and that’s why I like them so much :) As their taste is rather delicate, I usually combine them with salty Feta cheese and sweet corn… mhmmm :)

We’ve got it ! :)

Today my boyfriend received his visa H-1B to the US :) We are also practicing our wedding dance.

Applying for US visa!

Tomorrow my husband-to-be-soon will have a meeting with US consul in order to obtain visa to US.

Wedding surprise dance! :)

Learning first dance in not so easy!

Coming back to reality…

Coming back to work after few days off is always painful ;)

Split pea soup

Split pea soup is definitely a fall or winter soup – it’s filling, hearty and delicious. It’s a kind of soup that you are just dreaming about when you are coming back home after a long, cold day. Its warming flavor will surely bring your good mood back! :)

Stuffed chicken thighs

I think most people love chicken :) Its meat is white and very delicate. It doesn’t contain lot of fat, therefore it is recommended for people being on a diet.
This dish is a proposal for Sunday family dinner, as it requires a bit more work. However its delicious taste and admiration of guests should reward you everything ;)

Death and the Maiden by Roman Polanski

There are only 3 characters in this movie, the most important is Paulina Escobar. One stormy night her husband, who is a prominent lawyer working closely with the government, has an unpleased situation when returning home – his car just stops several miles from their house. Fortunately a man, who introduced himself as a neighbor, gives him a lift. Paulina seeing lights of an approaching car, turn off all lights at home and takes a gun…

Stuffed champignons with ham

This dish is quite simple to do and it’s always very effective :) Stuffed mushrooms with ham and melted cheese not only look delicious but they are also very tasty!
A great half-meat and half-vegetable proposal for a hot starter :)

Roasted turkey thigh – cold meat

Turkey is said to be the most healthy meat as it is very fussy when it comes to choosing food to eat.
This is a proposal for roasted turkey thigh served as cold meat for sandwiches. It’s really healthy :)

My poor knee contd. :)

The condition of my poor knee is now much better :)  It still hurts a bit when I’m tying to move or bend it but this is nothing comparing to what I felt at the beginning ;) I’ve been to the doctor yesterday to perform ultrasound study. It showed that my patella and ligaments are