Monthly Archives: October 2012

Work has a healing power :P

I came back to work and I feel much better! Work healed me – that’s unbelievable :P


I don’t know where to start… I has been one of the most crazy 24h in my life. Let me start from the beginning then.

Hurrey!!! We’ve just bought tickets for holidays :D

Yes, I’m very excited! :D  As usual everything was very spontaneous and my excitement reached its zenith before clicking ‘book’ :D  We wanted to go to a travel agency as I may have some problems with documents  (I haven’t changed my passport and ID card yet to state my new surname ;)) but I just

Peach and mozzarella salad

Not so really long time ago I used to shudder at the thought of mixing fruits with salty things. Now… I’m crazy about inventing recipes containing fruit ingredient :)
This time I made a crispy salad with peaches and sweet mustard sauce. It’s just delicious!

Slow down, cruel time!

I have to give up with this time routine and enjoy my great life!! Next month I’m going on holidays :)

Welcome school…

Unfortunately the weekend with my wedding was the last ‘holiday’ weekend – I mean without university ;) Now I have every second weekend free…

Unbelievable….. I’m a married woman! ;)

 Yes, it happened last weekend and now I can call myself matronal married woman ;)  This is very funny as I still haven’t noticed any changes. Or maybe one – I’m wearing nice, shiny wedding ring ;)) Our wedding was in civil office and it was very quick – about 20 minutes or so. We