Monthly Archives: November 2012

Honeymoon :D

Tomorrow at 6am at the airport we are starting our holidays! :D This is just fantastic to have a week of hot summer when there is such cold winter here – only 4 hours by plane and it’s like you were in a different world… ;) Egypt, I’m coming! :)

I’ve changed my address ;)

We’ve just moved to our new flat! It’s huge (as compared to my tiny one :P) beautiful and smells like all new things ;)) It wasn’t easy to arrange everything, clean all the dust that was there for ages, carry all the things, etc, but finally, after a very intensive week, we are done! The

Unplanned weekend :)

It was going to be my first lonley weekend since… I have no idea when. My husband had to go to his hometown in order to change his car’s tires as the winter has already surprised him this season ;) And I was to go to the university on Saturday and have some rest on

November news

There are so many ongoing things that I hardly find some time just for myself!! And it’s all because of my husband and thousand of his creative ideas every day :P This week he decided to renovate his old page, which he set up as a 1st year student, so more or less ages ago