Monthly Archives: December 2012

Last day at work

Today is my last day at work and I’m a bit sad.

First Christmas in a wedlock ;)

It is said that usually the first crisis in a marriage starts when a couple has to decide where to spend their first Christmas ;)

‘Your TOEFL Scores are now Available’

This is the message I received via mail just a week after my attempt to TOEFL test and my hands started to shake!

TOFEL, exams, work and housewarming

I had my first attempt to TOFEL exam last Friday and I’m not really happy with how I did it…

TOEFL exam

AAaaaa… tomorrow is my TOEFL exam and I can’t say I’ve been studying really hard! ;)  I’m a bit stressed, mainly because of the speaking section. The questions are sometimes so stupid that I just cannot utter a word :P The only good thing is that in a week time I’ll have my results. Power,

I want to go back…

Holidays are over, this is always sad! It was great, hot and relaxing. I felt like a cat on the Sun – so lazy and soooo good :) Coming back we experienced a temperature shock and although it was to be predicted, we became a bit ill ;)  (Me again! How’s that possible?!) Anyway, I