Monthly Archives: February 2013

Diazepam for headaches

Diazepam is a drug used also for skeletal muscle relaxation. It can be used for headaches caused by tense neurons in brain.

Brain MRI with and without contrast

I haven’t been posting for a while as I’ve been experiencing some strange health issues which were making me quite depressed…

Buying furniture from IKEA

I’ve been in the US for 10 days so far and during this time we’ve managed to arranged many really big things!

Kirkland Washington weather

My first impression after leaving the airport was the air – wet and cold but seemed very clean. The taxi driver told me that I was having a great weather as the Sun was sometimes visible ;) I thought he’s just exaggerating!

London Heathrow airport WiFi

I’m in London right now yeahh :)

Moving to Washington state, finally!

Do you know what is the busiest airport by passenger traffic? I thought it will be JFK in New York or London Heathrow but nothing like that!

Valium, please… I had a bad day

It seemed that this day will be the first relaxing day for me since a long time – I finished half of my bachelor’s thesis yesterday and sent it to my promoter for review.