About me

Me in Polish mountains

Me in Polish mountains

Me in Polish mountains

Me in Polish mountains


My name is Anna, a 25 years old Pole who certainly must have an angel taking care of her and pulling her out of troubles. In 2006 I left my home city and moved to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, for my studies.

In June 2012 my brilliant husband (boyfriend at that time ;) ) was head-hunted by Microsoft and we quickly had to make a final decision if we accept it or not. We had many doubts, question marks and simply were not mentally prepared for such great changes. And then, one day, something like a brightness came to me – WE MUST GO THERE!!!

Our 2013 destination is USA, Seattle – can’t wait that!

Education & Profession

Last year I graduated from my full-time master studies at Warsaw University of Technology (specialization in drugs) and I’m still studying part-time Management at The Warsaw University of Economy at bachelor level.

Apart from attending university at weekends, since December 2010 I’ve been also a full-time employee in multinational company, leader in medical devices field. I hold a position in Regulatory Affairs/ Quality Assurance Department, but I actually cover 2 positions now as my boss is on maternity leave (that sucks!)


… I wish I had more time for that! I enjoy reading books, riding a bike, travelling and generally everything that makes me feel like I’m having vacation time.

I like being occupied all the time – learn, create, think, invent… boredom really kills me ;)

A bite of America is a blog about me, my life and anything that I can think of.

Enjoy reading and thanks for droppin’ by .