Arizona Dream by Emir Kusturica

Arizona Dream scene

Arizona Dream scene

I was encouraged to watch this movie by my dear M. He’s perhaps in the top 100 of the world greatest fans of this Kusturica’s work. My first two attempts to watch this movie ended in failure as I… fell asleep. However in my case it only means that… I was sleepy ;)

Generally I’m not fond of famous actors and actresses, who can be seen in every second movie. If they are typical celebrities, I do not like to look at them even more. Knowing that the main character in this movie is starred by Johnny Depp, I had mixed feelings. But could I say ‘no’ when my beloved asked me to watch his favorite movie?

Arizona Dream

Arizona Dream poster

Arizona Dream scene

Arizona Dream scene

The first positive surprise was that this film was released in 1993, and second, that Depp is still very young and these are just his first steps as a “great actor”. His character, Axel, is a 23 year old humble man, a typical urbanite.  One day he suddenly receives a proposal to take part in his old cousin wedding. Although at the beginning he’s not really eager to leave his beloved city, but then his countryside stay prolongs. One reason is having an affair with a crazy, insatiable widow who kindles in him the desire to fly. The second reason is an affair with widow’s eccentric daughter, living in the shadow of her mother. Women start a secret competition for Axel’s heart. Troubles start when Axel learns that tempting widow’s former husband was shot without any compunction for being too sexually interested in his daughter. However it is difficult to determine which woman is in fact more unpredictable and dangerous…

Arizona Dream - Johnny Depp

Arizona Dream – Johnny Depp

The scenery, brilliant music, accordion and madness felt in the air, make the atmosphere of this movie really unusual. And I must admit that I would not change Depp staring in this film to any other actor!

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2 Responses to Arizona Dream by Emir Kusturica

  1. Mozammal says:

    Really It is a nice movie.

  2. john k says:

    Depp is eccentric in this movie and depicts youthful ideologies and their fulfillment.

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