Business Administration course @ University of Washington

As I’m finishing my bachelor in Management at Warsaw School of Economics, I thought it would be a nice idea to start something else… again :P  I’m now attending  in Business Administration at University of Washington. And it’s REALLY intensive! :P Much too intensive than I expected it to be ;)  Still it’s cool to learn new things, especially about how things work in the US. Here leraning is much more hands-on. You learn mostly by reading cases and appropriate lectures before class and you are expected to come to the class with that knowledge! The aim of the lecturer is mainly to guide you and answer some questions in case you have them.  It’s a totally different approach than in most of European countries, where we get veeery deep into sophisticated theory and there is not much time left to see how it all works in real life.

I’m not sure which method is better. InPoland I sometimes felt like a master of theory but had no idea how to implement it in life situation. Here, from time to time, I have an impression that I read interesting and cool things but in the classrom we end up talking about basic silly things or we are given very brief or no explanation as maybe we won’t get that anyway? ;)

Despite all, I enjoy that course a lot! :D  Here are some nice pictures of UW:

University of Washington during Spring :)

University of Washington during Spring :)

University of Washington - fountain and Mt Rainier

University of Washington – fountain and Mt Rainier

It's really beautiful there!

It’s really beautiful there!


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