Buying furniture from IKEA

 I’ve been in the US for 10 days so far and during this time we’ve managed to arranged many really big things!

We have found our new place to live :) It is a lovely apartment with lake and mountain view near Bellevue Park. The apartment is about 720 sq. feet, 1 bedroom and it’s on 4th floor. There is a big gym, swimming pool and jacuzzi – I hope we’ll take advantage of that :) It wasn’t the cheapest but I really like it’s location – 10-15min walk to Bellevue Downtown and in the same time seems very quiet because of the view and the park :)

As the apartment is only equipped with major kitchen stuff (fridge, cooker, microwave) and washer & drier, the rest of furnishing has to be either rented or bought. The estimated cost of furniture rental and other things like plates, cups, kitchenware, towels, etc would be $300/month which is quite a lot. We had no idea about furniture prices in the US and we weren’t also thinking about that at the beginning as it seemed pointless to buy it only for one year or so. However we checked IKEA’s offer and we were not disappointed with their prices ;) It seems like IKEA is cheap everywhere in the world:D

As we had only 2 weekends to move into the new flat left, we decided to make the first round in IKEA this weekend and to decide for everything next week – just to give ourselves some time for consideration. At the beginning I thought there would be not so much to buy – for sure bed, mattress, sofa, table, chairs… but I forgot about small stuff like towers, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, sharp knives, pots, pans, wastebasket, bath curtain, pillows and maaaany others! We went there with a long shopping list but we realized that we forgot about most of small things. We were checking all promotions and wondering if we’ll need that ;) We bought a lot of things, our trolley was just full!

I hope our furniture from there will survive more than a year :P

I hope our furniture from there will survive more than a year :P

Traditionally, as all IKEA shoppers, we had Swedish meatballs for a very good price. What is more, IKEA has an offer that if you spent over $100, the cost of meal will be deducted from your bill. So not only you eat for free, you just save money on that! :D This is cool :) Finally, our bill was around $200 and we left the shop exhausted but satisfied :P

The prices of furnitures were also good – bed frame – $150, mattress – $250, sofa – $500, desk with additional shelves – $160… generally we hope to spend up to $2000 for these all :) It seems that it is better to buy furniture than to rent if you are going to use them for more than 6 months. And they would be new, clean and… to be assembled!! :P  That would be real fun for my husband :D

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