Car insurance in the USA for foreigners

To be able to drive your own car in the USA, car insurance is an obligatory.  And it doesn’t matter if you are US citizen or foreigner – you just have to have valid proof of insurance before you can take your car from a dealer! Generally it is said that arranging a car insurance in the US is much easier than anywhere else – all you need is just to call insurance agency and after 10 minutes you should receive your temporary insurance that has to be printed and kept in the car all the time. However, when you are a foreigner, even the most basic things can become complicated ;)

Honda Civic - our new car :)

Honda Civic – our new car :)

Last week we went to a Honda dealer and bought brand new Honda Civic :D  We wanted to take the car as soon as possible but… we couldn’t arrange the insurance via phone! There were a few problems in our case. First of all M had just a temporary driving license as he was living in a temporary housing. Secondly, he doesn’t have any driving history here about accidents, collisions that would proof his experience. Because of that, the price offer was nearly twice as high as a standard one! What is more, I was even in worst situation – I don’t have a driving license here, don’t have social security number and the symbol of my Polish driving license… didn’t fit into system because it was too short! :P The insurance agent was totally lost, we spent 30 min over the phone without result. That meant that we had to leave our new car at the dealer :(

I love the back most :)

I love the back most :)

Few days later we went to a bank that is recommended for all foreigners coming here to work for Microsoft and the issue was solved in 5 minutes. I guess they are familiar with all strange cases, it’s probably their specialty :P And also – they were much cheaper. We pay $1400/year for 2 people, which is still quite a lot. Next year it should be much lower ;)

Having the papers we went to the dealer to take our new and also cleaned Honda :) :) I would never thought that we’ll buy a brand new car and we’ll be making such decisions in 15 minutes :P Living here is a quite intensive experience :P

2 Responses to Car insurance in the USA for foreigners

  1. PowerPanda says:

    What is the name of this bank?

  2. Ania says:

    Hello :)

    The name of this bank is FirstTech – I’m not sure how popular it is in the US.

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