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National Parks of Utah

We saw most of National Parks of Utah. Let me describe our trip day by day, in pictures :)

Day 1 – Salt lake City

2hrs flight from Seattle to Salt Lake City. We rented our Jeep, drove to hotel and prepared for the trip next day :)

Salt Lake City panoram (SLC)

Salt Lake City panoram (SLC)

Day 2 – Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville Salt Flats were really cool and quite unexpected. Just fields with salt… amazing!

Bonneville Salt Flats near SLC

Bonneville Salt Flats near SLC

Day 3&4 – Capitol Reef National Park

Our first canyons! We met with our friends there and started real adventure ;) (more…)

What to do in Utah in a couple of days

In a couple of days we are going to Utah! Our friends from Poland will be there for a canyons’ tour and we decided to join them. I’m a bit concerned about this hiiiigh temperature and hiking but it’s just the nature of South :)

This is where Utah is :)

This is where Salt Lake City, Utah is :)

Utah National Parks

During our 10 days stay we are going to make a tour. This is our plan:

  • 2 days in Salt Lake City
  • 2 days in Capitol Reef National Park
  • 1 day in Escalante National Park
  • 1 day in Bryce National Park
  • 2 days in Zion National Park
  • 2 days in Grand Canyon
Mustangs are still living in Utah!

Mustangs are still living in Utah!

I’m so happy we are going there :) Adventures, here we come!

Waikiki Beach & Diamond Head :)

We came back from Hawaii yesterday. It was just amazing! Everything in one place – blue crystal ocean, mountains, white sand and lots of green… We had a great time, partly lazy and partly active. We rented a car and went round the Aohu island. Our hotel was located on Waikiki beach so we had amazing view from our balcony- on the ocean and on Diamond head. It was one of the best vacation ever! :) Just see some of our photos :)

Nice wide view

Nice wide view

View from our hotel - wow!

View from our hotel – wow!


Hawaiiiiiii :)

Hi! :) It will be just a quick note to tell you that we are going to Hawaii today to celebrate Michael’s 28th birthday :) Wow…. ! I just can’t believe in that, it seems like going to a paradise :)  We’s have a direct 6hrs flight and we’ll stay there for 8 nights. Sounds great and I think it will be ever better, wow! That’s a nice place for birthday :)) Here are some pictures of Honolulu, as we’re staying there:

Hawaii - Honolulu Airport

Hawaii – Honolulu Airport

Hawaii - Honolulu

Hawaii – Honolulu beach

Hawaii is so beautiful! :D

Hawaii is so beautiful! :D

My first acupuncture! :D

Today I had my first acupuncture session! It was pretty cool and I really enjoyed those peaceful moments of relaxation with needles in my body ;) When the lady inserted needles in my body after a minute I felt sooo good and somehow joyful :P I cannot explain that but it was like my body was saying that it is beneficial. I had about 10 needles – in my hands, feet, one in head and one in ear (!) :P  I was left with them for 30 minutes in a peaceful, cozy and warm room with a relaxing music. Mmmm…. that was a great experience! :)

Acupuncture is not as painful as it seems! ;)

Acupuncture is not as painful as it seems! ;)

Business Administration course @ University of Washington

As I’m finishing my bachelor in Management at Warsaw School of Economics, I thought it would be a nice idea to start something else… again :P  I’m now attending  in Business Administration at University of Washington. And it’s REALLY intensive! :P Much too intensive than I expected it to be ;)  Still it’s cool to learn new things, especially about how things work in the US. Here leraning is much more hands-on. You learn mostly by reading cases and appropriate lectures before class and you are expected to come to the class with that knowledge! The aim of the lecturer is mainly to guide you and answer some questions in case you have them.  It’s a totally different approach than in most of European countries, where we get veeery deep into sophisticated theory and there is not much time left to see how it all works in real life.

I’m not sure which method is better. InPoland I sometimes felt like a master of theory but had no idea how to implement it in life situation. Here, from time to time, I have an impression that I read interesting and cool things but in the classrom we end up talking about basic silly things or we are given very brief or no explanation as maybe we won’t get that anyway? ;)

Despite all, I enjoy that course a lot! :D  Here are some nice pictures of UW:

University of Washington during Spring :)

University of Washington during Spring :)

University of Washington - fountain and Mt Rainier

University of Washington – fountain and Mt Rainier

It's really beautiful there!

It’s really beautiful there!


Nature near Las Vegas – Valley of fire

When we were in Las Vegas it was soooo hot that during the day you had to be either gambling in a casino or in a car with excellent air conditioning ;) As we wanted to see as much as we can, we decided just to drive somewhere. Exactly – just somewhere. We just picked an area quite close to Las Vagas that was green on the map (we were thinking of a forrest!) and there was a lake nearby. I took my sweaming suit and we went!

As we were getting closer, there was still nothing green on the horizon! What is more, it was becoming more and more… unpredictable ;)

Getting there! :)

Getting there! :)

When we got to the Valley of fire state park and we just couldn’t believe our eyes! Wooow, it was soooo amazing!!!! :D Just have a look :)  (more…)

Las Vegas is amazing!

Although the temperature in Las Vegaz was extreme (113F) and was not significantly lower at night, it was absolutely worth to go there!!! It was just amazing, I was definately not expecting something like that ;) Casinos EVERYTHERE and THOUSANDS of people playing just round the clock. It was really difficult to say what time is it by assesing the amount of people in casino;)

We were living close to Las Vegas Downtown and it had really cool atmosphere. We also went to saw the Strip and hotels there were just unbelievable-the Mirage, Venetian… Ican’t imagine how it was done and… what was the cost of it ;)

Here are some of our pictures:

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip


The Venetian - can you beleive that it is 2am ?? :)

The Venetian – can you beleive that it is 2am ?? :)


Las Vegas Downtown

Las Vegas Downtown


Just an ordinary casino

Just an ordinary casino

We are going to Las Vegas!

Tomorrow, for the long 4th of July weekend we are going to the world capital of gambling – Las Vegas! The temperature there is over 110F! Wow… I hope we won’t boil ourselves or don’t loose a fortune ;)

Las Vegas welcomes you!

Las Vegas welcomes you!

Famous Las Vegas Strip where we are going to win $1 mln! :D

Famous Las Vegas Strip where we are going to win $1 mln! :D

Back in the US!

I’m back in the US! :) I had very convenient flight -only 14,5hrs which was great but stressful in the same time as I only had 1,5h in Frankfurt to change plane :) Luckily there was a little delay and I managed to do it. At Sea-Tac airport my lovely husband was waiting for me! :) He had to wait really long because when we landed, we were not allowed to leave the plane. After some time customs came on the board to… arrest one lady!  That was interesting.

When I came home I slept nearly from 4pm to 6am with a little break for a dinner. I was really exhausted! :P It’s cool to be here again, to see Mt Rainier from my window and panorama of Seattle…but why is it raining and soooo cold all the time??? :P

Mount Rainier - view like nearly from my window :P

Mount Rainier – view like nearly from my window :P

Another lonely month with books…

On Saturday I had my flight back from Seattle and I landed in Poland yesterday before 4pm. The flight was better than I expected however the plane was poorly equipped (no personal screens for each passenger! I thought it’s a standard on transatlantic flights! :P) and I was sitting close to 3 small children who were screaming most of the time ;) I had a change in Frankfurt and after only 1,5h flight I was in Warsaw.

Another lonely month with books...

Another lonely month with books…

I came here to pass my exams and I’ll have 5-6 of them. This will be another lonely month with books… But I’m trying to keep brave, be active and try to enjoy being here, look for some positives.. (there must be here!!:P) Today I was even thinking- ‘it’s already a half day over’ :P Yeah, it is :P But at least 30 days more left!

Weird things in America

America  is a huge and multinational country and you can really find here EVERYTHING ;) Before I had come to the US, I didn’t read or even wonder about different things that I can expect here. Now I find everything surprising! There are so many weird customs, rules, practices that I’m sometimes shocked ;) Sometimes it’s funny that things that were so obvious for us in Europe are here totally different. This is a very refreshing feeling. However, if there is too many things to arrange quickly and you have none to ask, it may be also frustrating. I’ll describe here some things that wondered me most when I came here.

America  is a huge and multinational country and you can really find here EVERYTHING ;)

America is a huge and multinational country and you can really find here EVERYTHING ;)

1. Shopping at the grocery

My husb has nearly nothing in the fridge when I came (however he made me a delicious dinner, that’s true! :D) The next day we went to a grocery and here… a big shock. There were a lot of strange vegetables and fruits. A lot of cans with prepared meals, a lot of frozen prepared meals and meals just to add water to! A huge wall only with ice creams and second one with cereal! Plenty of various sweets and bars but only 4 (!) normal chocolates! Everything was in a huge packs. In Europe you buy one cube of butter. Here you have to buy one huuuge butter or a box with 5 cubes of butter inside. Milk and juice are here in half-gallon (nearly 2L) bottles  and water in even bigger! Apart from abnormal size I had a feeling that all of these products are processed and ready to eat. I had huge problems with finding simple things like normal cuscus or tomato concentrate. Instead I found cuscus of 10 different flavours and 25 tomato sauces. Next day my M prepared for my chicken wings… and I was broken! :P There was only hot breadcrumbs, bones and a LOT of fat. I told him that this is the last time he’s eating this sh**!!! He was eating them for a month when I was not here but when I told him that they are so disgusting and unhealthy that they should be forbidden, he noticed that yes, there was something wrong with this ‘chicken’ :P Now I’m more familiar with all products, I tested some of them and it is possible to find good things but you really have to be careful. One of my greatest enemies is high fructose corn syrup - I haven’t met with that ingredient in Poland. It’s a sweetener that cause obesity – what an irony! :P

Shopping at the grocery was not an easy task at the beginning ;)

Shopping at the grocery was not an easy task at the beginning ;)

2. Driving license

As I wrote before, to drive legally in USA you have to have a driving license and this is normal. Here, you can get your license at the age of 16! This is so early, in my opinion too early but the distances and poor public transport in most of the cities made so. What is funny for me is that you don’t have to do a driving course that will learn you how to drive. So how to learn that?? Well, you can drive totally illegally or… you can wait until you are 16, pass a theory driving test, obtain a permit and… drive with other person having a minimum 5 years old license. Interesting. Driving on the street with other people who have no idea you don’t know how to drive ;) Second thing – you can go for a driving test with your own car, fail the test and come back with your own car as well (hmm… I did so but I have a license from another country :P)  Finally, there are no independent examination units – you can have your test with the same instructor that thought you. If you pay $40 more, he’ll even give you a worm up ride at the same places where you’ll go during the exam. For European people that sounds just unbelievable :D Like my husband said – they are doing everything for you to pass, as it’s impossible to live here without a car. And that is the truth.

3. Feeling of freedom

It’s very easy to notice here that a lot of people have huge cars or trucks. We were wondering for a long time why do they need them. They probably don’t live on a farm, don’t carry cows or sheep… and there cars are not practical, it’s difficult to find a parking spot for them – that was what we thought (and in fact still think! ;)) Soon we noticed that American people want to be as much independent as possible. Even if they would need to use such a huge car once a year, they still think it’s worth to have it and don’t ask other people for help.

Generally you can feel really free here – because of the space, huge and wide freeways, still quite wild nature… People don’t care here about their outfit, they just wear truck-suit to feel comfortable. They don’t show off, as they don’t care what other people think about them. I never thought I would be enjoying that to such extent :P No more ironing! :D

Freedom, freedom.... I love this eagle! I've seen it a few times already :)

Freedom, freedom…. I love this eagle! I’ve seen it a few times already :)

I’ll soon write about more weird things  that I noticed in America :D

Writing a good thesis

Writing a good thesis in not an easy task… but it’s possible ;) Sometimes you may feel depressed when thinking about starting to write your thesis. I think it’s normal. There is a huge job for you to be done and the time is running out veeeery quickly.

I think the most important thing is to… (that would be banal) – to start! Once you do it, you’ll be much more optimistic ;) Here are some tips that work in my case:

1. Don’t postpone it over and over, just start today! (this is the most difficult part :P) You can start with very simple things – create the document, folder, name it properly… – small steps.

2. Think about the topic you are going to write about, you may not know it yet in details but you should be able to prepare table of contents. Think about chapters. Thesis should have a typical layout:

            1. Introduction

            2. Theoretical background

            3. Your research

            4. Conclusion

but there should be also more detailed subsections, for example in chapter 3 about your research – 3.1. Equipment, 3.2. Used methods, etc. Detailed and clear table of contents will be really helpful. It would be a good idea to consult it with your tutor – you’ll be sure you’re reaching in the right direction.

3. Try to be focused on your goal which is to write at least a page or so a day. I know that you may not be in a mood, it happens. When I don’t feel particular writing vein I’m trying to do other things… but associated with the thesis! ;) I’m doing some editorial job like formatting text, setting correct margins etc. A good idea for such not productive days it to prepare a cover for the thesis, some statement about privacy (if required) etc.

4. When you are finished with above you have to really start writing ;) remember that if you have a clear and coherent able of content you don’t have to begin writing from the first chapter. Write whatever you feel today. Some days you’ll find one things easier, the other different. By doing so writing seems less painful – at least in my case it works so ;)

Your thesis is constructed of small subsections which are quite independent one from another. You’ll notice how such ‘patchworking’ way of writing is easier.

5. If you’re writing your thesis in MS Word, try to use automatic table of content – this will make your job much easier and safe plenty of time! Also use use automatic references and insert them as you use any source of material that you’d like to mention.

My advice is to give yourself limited time – the faster you’ll do it, the sooner it will be over :D Also by writing it on a daily basis you won’t be forgetting many details that you wrote about or wanted to write about.

Just be brave, you can do it!!!!! :))) Even with little information at the beginning  most of people are able to write a good thesis, much better that they had expected :)

Some say you absorb knowledge from books - hope it's true :D

Some say you absorb knowledge from books – hope it’s true :D

Easter daffodils – sign that Easter is coming! :)

This weekend Easter is starting for us! :) For me it is the first Easter when I’m married and the first one without my parents and not in my family home. We spent last one in my home city even though we were not even engaged! (this was shocking for our families :P)  M was sooo sad for the idea of spending Easter apart from me, so I took him with me – that was so sweet ;)) This year we are here and we are a very small family :P  I had no idea how both of us could make this time somehow special… apart from eating a lot of eggs :P Fortunately M encouraged me to take some actions that would make this time more spacial :)  We didn’t eat meat on Good Friday, we cleaned our apartment (yeah, that’s sign of something special, we don’t do it very often :P), prepared a lot of great food to just eat during the weekend and we bought these lovely daffodils :D

Easter daffodils are these kind of flowers that you can see mainly in this part of the year. When I bought them they had only 3 flowers. I watered them in the evening and during overnight they become just like that!! :)

Easter daffodils

Our Easter daffodils

Easter daffodils

Lovely Easter daffodils

Happy Easter everyone! :)

We’ve been married for 6 months already!

The time runs so extremely fast! I remember my nerves, preparations, thinking about it, arranging… And now it’s half a year after that BIG day :) We’ve been married for 6 months already! I like to think about this beautiful September day, I was so nervous during the ceremony and acting as crazy :P I wasn’t realizing to the last moment what is going to happen and… then it just happened! :) We had a lovely but small wedding party but it was just perfect. I love my shiny ring with a little diamond, the engraver of our names inside – it brings good memories and positive thoughts about the future.

Has a lot of changed during this time? No, I don’t think so… we are still trying to spend as much time together but the time available for that is somehow shrinking! ;) We both work all days and there are still so many things that we need to arrange to completely set up here. Well, but maybe it’s better having constant hunger than glut? ;)

These wedding rings are very similar to ours :)

These wedding rings are very similar to ours :)

Kisses for my beloved husband who remembered about this anniversary and bought me pot flowers! :P