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Generally I prefer books to movies. I'm much more fussy when assessing a movie. Somehow I think that every book is worth reading but not every film is worth watching. Why? Hmmm... maybe because it's easier to make a 1,5 h movie than to write 150 pages book and any fool can do that.

I hate 90% of movies that are to see in multiplexes, I'm really surprised that they are showing such trash and people want to watch it - but do they have a real choice?

In this section I'll be sharing with you my opinions of books and movies that I've recently seen. Please feel free to recommend any movie that is good :)

The Zahir

The Zahir is one of Paolo Coelho’s latest books; it was written in 2005 and translated into 44 languages. Reading this book you may have an impression that it is the author’s biography as the main character is also a bestselling novelist in his middle age.

Death and the Maiden

There are only 3 characters in this movie, the most important is Paulina Escobar. One stormy night her husband, who is a prominent lawyer working closely with the government, has an unpleased situation when returning home – his car just stops several miles from their house. Fortunately a man, who introduced himself as a neighbor, gives him a lift. Paulina seeing lights of an approaching car, turn off all lights at home and takes a gun…


Have you ever done something bad or said untruth? Have you had an impression that everybody is aware of that or suspect something and they are just playing with you? I think we have all experienced this strange, psychotic feeling… :)

The Shining

This movie is summarized by many as a masterpiece of modern horror. It is ranked as one of the 11 scariest horror movies of all time. I also consider it as really good it, however in my opinion Stephen King’s book on which it’s based is much better!


‘He adored New York City. He idolized it all out of proportion. Uh, no, make that he romanticized it all out of proportion.’ This is the beginning of Manhattan – one of the best Woody Allen’s movie. Watching it we can just feel Allen’s incredible love to New York City.

Les Amours Imaginaires

Francis and Marie are a couple of good friends. One wild night they meet Nicolas, a young intriguing man who had just arrived to Montreal. From one meeting to another, each moment spent together with their new friend makes Francis and Marie more and more fascinated by him. Soon they realize that their obsession turns into a love battle which can threaten their friendship.

Mary and Max

The story begins when Mary, an 8 years old complexed girl from Australia, decides that she wants to find herself a friend for a lifetime. As this has been impossible for far in Australia, she decides to look for somebody in US. The lot fells on Max Horovitz, a depressed, 45 years old lonely man from New York. It starts with one letter sent with a chocolate bar and lasts forever…

Sleepless in Seattle

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know that movie? Or maybe – is there anyone in the world above 18 who doesn’t know that movie? :)
For me this comedy is a great example that there are some unique values in the world that will never be outdated…

Twin Peaks

With ‘Twin Peaks’ I associated two things only – that it was on TV when I was a child and that I always felt that it’s scary… well, I was actually right!
In fact the plot was not the main reason that I liked it so much. It was the way of how each character was introduced – each person was very specific, each has his own small bizarres. Each was suspicious. I also liked that plenty of small details in every conversation created a really absurd atmosphere.


Actually I was not planning to watch “Tricks, it attracted me quite unconsciously and by accident. In the evening I turned on the TV to watch the broadcast of the Olympic Games in London. When the transmission was over, a movie began. Initially I did not pay any attention to it, but then I caught myself that I peep on it more and more often. When it was after midnight I decided that it’s time to go to bed. After a while I realized that I cannot do that until I don’t find out that is the ending like! :)

Suicide Room

At first I saw the trailer for this film at the cinema when I was there to watch something else – it made a big impression on me. Excellent computer animations, hypnotic loud music… already at first glance something totally different than other Polish films of recent years, especially these that can be seen in a cinema.


A friend of us encouraged us to see this movie as he defined it as ‘hardcore’. In fact this guy is also a hardcore guy, so if he says ‘hardcore’ it must be something really heavy!
The film showed something that I have often wondered about – if our behavior, rituals are transferred in the genes or beginning from our birth we just look at others, unconsciously copy their behavior and this situation has been continued smoothly for thousands of years?

Arizona Dream

Axel, is a 23 year old humble man, a typical urbanite. One day he suddenly receives a proposal to take part in his old cousin wedding. Although at the beginning he’s not really eager to leave his beloved city, but then his countryside stay prolongs. One reason is having an affair with a crazy, insatiable widow who kindles in him the desire to fly. The second reason is an affair with widow’s eccentric daughter.