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Blue lagoon

I love his drink because of its intensive sweet but also a bit sour lemon taste and this unbelievably blue color!

Strawberry cocktail

When I think about summer, strawberries come to my mind as one of the firsts. Their taste is sweet, refreshing and so cheerful :) It’s nearly impossible to be sad eating strawberries!

Taste of Sunset

Would you like to see a sunset by the sea now?
Well, I can show you how to do it without leaving your home!

Exotic Island

You will be delighted with citrus and cheerful taste of this drink.
Important – serve mixed, not stirred ;))

Grapefruit Martini

Easy to-do, 2 ingredient drink, that will remind you of sunny days spent on the beach during last vacation ..:) Perfect for hot days!

Iced coffee with whipped cream

With this recipe you’ll enjoy the cool taste of caffeine in a minute :)
Addition of whipped cream will take you to heaven very fast.