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Sausages in French pastry

I just love French pastry! Fortunately, since some time, it’s commonly available in stores, in fresh or frozen form. Sausage in French pastry is a popular snack. When I was buying it I always regret that there is sausage only inside and no other stuffing! That’s why I decided I must do it myself! :))

Stuffed chicken thighs

I think most people love chicken :) Its meat is white and very delicate. It doesn’t contain lot of fat, therefore it is recommended for people being on a diet.
This dish is a proposal for Sunday family dinner, as it requires a bit more work. However its delicious taste and admiration of guests should reward you everything ;)

Stuffed champignons with ham

This dish is quite simple to do and it’s always very effective :) Stuffed mushrooms with ham and melted cheese not only look delicious but they are also very tasty!
A great half-meat and half-vegetable proposal for a hot starter :)

Roasted turkey thigh – cold meat

Turkey is said to be the most healthy meat as it is very fussy when it comes to choosing food to eat.
This is a proposal for roasted turkey thigh served as cold meat for sandwiches. It’s really healthy :)

Turkey breast with blue cheese and pear

This meal is a combination of 3 things I like a lot – poultry, sweetness and blue smelly cheese :)
It looks quite sophisticated but in fact it’s really easy. I love such recipes! ;)

Pork rolls in tomato sauce

This is a proposal of a pork served in light way. The amount of work is not so huge and the effect is nice.
It tastes great with fresh vegetable salad with little dressing :)