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For nearly 25 years of my life Seattle was for me nothing more but a place where action of the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" is set. I remember a funny episode when the main character, Meg Ryan, says "I'll never like to live in a city where it rains for 9 months a year". In June 2012 we suddenly came across a great opportunity to move there. To make a final decision, we had to get more familiar with this city. We did a lot Internet research, read many posts on many forums and, not knowing much more, one day we were absolutely sure that we want to spend our next few years there!

Bellevue pictures – Bellevue City Center

Pictures of Bellevue City Center taken on a sunshine day in January – the city looks amazing! :)

Kirkland Washington weather

My first impression after leaving the airport was the air – wet and cold but seemed very clean. The taxi driver told me that I was having a great weather as the Sun was sometimes visible ;) I thought he’s just exaggerating!

5 great day trips beyond Seattle

While dreaming about moving to Seattle I am exploring some fantastic 1-day journeys that you can take while you are there. For me the beauty of those places is just amazing, I cannot wait seeing them in reality! :)

Weather and Climate of Seattle

Seattle has an opinion of the most rainy city in the US. If you are keen to know whether it is true or not, you must read this article! :)
Apart from that, you’ll also find here some interesting facts about Seattle weather.

Location and Population of Seatle

Everybody knows more or less where Seattle is located, but do you know where it is exactly? Some of its nicknames are: Seatown, Rain City, Gateway to Alaska, Gateway to The Pacific, so it has definitely something to do with water ;)
In this article you can also read some very interesting demographics facts about Seattle.