Cold yogurt and beetroot soup

I bet this is Poles’ favorite soup during summer heat! It’s light and served cooled – very refreshing :)
And also encouraging start for all kitchen greenhorns – you can do it!!




For the soup you’ll need:
•    Bunch of leafy tops of beetroots (botwin)
•    Concentrated beet juice, 3 oz
•    1 bouillon cube
•    Bunch of radishes (5-6 radishes)
•    1 big fresh cucumber
•    1 big cup of natural yogurt (7 fl. oz.)
•    4 hard-boiled eggs
•    1/2 cup chive


Wash the whole botwin. Cut out beetroots only & chop them into small cubes. Throw them into 50 fl. Oz. boiling water.  Then chop beetroots stems and also add them to the pot together with bouillon cube. Then finally chop beetroots leafs into strips – boil everything together for 15 minutes. This chopping order is important because some parts need to be boiled longer.
Then the heating is off, it’s time to spice the soup – add concentrated beet juice first, then some pepper and salt if you prefer. Let the soup cool down.

It tastes really good with parsley… if you like parsley, I don’t :)

In the meantime peel a cucumber and cut into small cubes. Then cut also radishes, chive and parsley. When the soup is cold, it’s time to add yogurt. Don’t throw yogurt directly from cup to the soup – it may be difficult to mix it. It’s better to add soup to yogurt and when it’s smooth and thin, then poor it to the soup. Add all prepared vegetables and decorate with eggs’ quarters. Ready to eat!! :)

Cold soup

Tasty cold soup with eggs

PS The soup is even better when cooled for about 3 hours before eating.

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