Death and the Maiden by Roman Polanski

Death and the Maiden is a psychological drama based on the play written by Ariel Dorfman. It is Dorfman’s most famous play, I think mostly because of the movie made by Roman Polanski;)

Polanski is a Polish film director considered to be one of the most ‘truly international filmmakers’. He made many films and most of the outside Poland – in Britain, France and in the US.

I discovered I have huge deficiencies in Polanski’s filmography, so I decided to watch something and I just chose it by title. This one is quite intriguing, isn’t it?;)

Paulina Escobar (Sigourney Weaver)

Paulina Escobar (Sigourney Weaver)

There are only 3 characters in this movie, the most important is Paulina, played by Sigourney Weaver. One stormy night her husband, who is a prominent lawyer working closely with the government, has an unpleased situation when returning home – his car just stops several miles from their house. Fortunately a man, who introduced himself as a neighbor, gives him a lift. Paulina seeing lights of an approaching car, turn off all lights at home and grabs a gun. Seeing the man she strikes him unconscious and binds to a chair. Her husband is shocked.

There are a lot of things left for spectator’s imagination – we know that it is happening somewhere in South American country but the country remains unnamed. We are shown a misty picture of Paulina – we know that she has experienced a trauma that changed her life but is she still afraid of something or are these just bad memories from the past?

The idea of the movie (or play rather) is genius, I really like it and I generally enjoyed watching it but… there is one big BUT. I was watching it at night, just before going sleep and it wasn’t just a movie that type I like watching for good night;)  Indeed, it was intriguing, all actors were very convincing in their roles, however the whole movie was permeated with negative emotions…

Death and the Maiden

Death and the Maiden

Still I was very curious what the ending will be and I was really waiting for that ;) The truth is that it was so interesting and I was so emotionally involved, that I would never turn it off in the middle – but on the other hand I was also tired with these horrible emotions!

Generally I don’t think this movie is bad, it’s just not light ;)  Worth watching even just to see fascinating role of Sigourney Weaver!

Death and the Maiden - poster

Death and the Maiden – poster

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