Diazepam for headaches

Today I had a visit with a neurologist scheduled to examine me and to discuss results of my brain MRI. I was quite nervous! My symptoms – blurred vision, dizziness and headache for sure were not relieved or it was even worst… maybe because of the nerves as well. But on the other hand going to experienced doctor to a hospital was the best thing that I could do in my condition. I was tired of being constantly tired and it was irritating me more and more!

The doctor was calm, patient and friendly. He examined my balance, eyes, head and we were talking about 30 min just about how I feel, when it has started, how I would describe my dizziness – do I feel like the room was going round? Such things are not easy to be described and I told that I feel like being on the boat rather ;) As he said, this is a very common comparison that patients use. He also asked me if I’ve ever suffered from migraine and how I’d describe my headaches.

Brain is a tricky organ!

Brain is a tricky organ!

For a very long time he didn’t mention anything about my MRI. I’d already started to think that the results are not available yet as the nurse yesterday told me that they will be in 2 days but not even 24h passed! To my surprise, when the visit was coming to an end, he told me that he has my MRI results and they are fine! :) He showed me my brain on the screen, described the pictures and told that this is a nice brain and there are any bad signs there. However, due to the old injury, the bone may be a little bit damaged and neurons in this area may be spasmed for some reason. This is why I’ve been probably suffering recently. Why is it happening now? Well… there may be many factors. I was stressed the whole January, I moved to North Pacific climate which is very different to the one I used to live in or maybe it’s just like that. The doctor told me that I seem to be a strong and healthy person and it’s just a worst moment in my life and we’ll get through it!

Diazepam was formerly known as Valium

Diazepam was formerly known as Valium

The neurologist prescribed me two things – physiotherapy for head with the use of ultrasounds and taking drug – Diazepam. I was quite surprised that he advised me taking this medication. Diazepam, formerly known as Valium, is an anti-anxiety medication but it’s also used for seizures, epilepsy, insomnia, muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal and others. Generally, it’s used to reduce tension but works also good for skeletal muscle relaxation. In my case Diazepam should relax tense and painful part of my head that causes headaches now. I was advised to take 2mg/day as I don’t need more in my case and the drug itself is also very addictive and taking it may lead to psychological dependence. I used to thought that taking drugs for mental diseases is for ‘crazy’ people but now it seems like I’m one of them ;) My experience showed me that brain can play real tricks with us… I hope it will bring me to live soon!

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