Driving test in USA

Most foreigners’ driving license is valid for 30 days after they came to the USA. Later, if they want to drive legally, they need to take the driving test. People who have their driving license issued by other US state has to do only the practical (road) part of the test. Today is my 29th day of being in America, so tomorrow… I’m having my driving test! :)

Although I find driving in USA much easier than in Poland, I’m a bit stressed! I’m going to have the knowledge test first, which is a test that I have to complete 20/25 to pass, and after that (assuming that I’ll pass ;)) I’ll have a driving test with an instructor. Here, there were two things that surprised me – you can go for a test with your own car (without having driving license yet), have the test using your car, and if you fail – you can still drive home your car! ;) That is funny ;) Also, there are no independent examiners – you can have a test in a driving school you choose and I guess even with a person who taught you! Welcome to the States – liberty everywhere ;))  According to statistics, 95% people pass the exam within the first attempt.

Hope to pass my USA driving test tomorrow! :)

Hope to pass my USA driving test tomorrow! :)

On the beginning of the road test you receive 100 points and to pass, you need to complete with at least 80. The whole test is conducted in a small neighborhood with a really low traffic. There are 3 tasks that you’ll be requested to do – parallel parking (I hate it!), pulling back on crossroad (strange one, nobody does that in a real life!) and parking on a hill. You can maximally lose 4 points on each. The examiner assess mainly if you are really careful, look in all mirrors, check your blind spot EVERY time you turn, etc. You can only fail immediately if you don’t stop on stop sign or you pass the road on red light or you do something really dangerous ;) Seems quite easy but still it might be a stressful experience. My husb, who is a perfect driver, pass the test with a result of only 82! :P No idea how that happened, we refuses to comment that :P :P

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