Easter daffodils – sign that Easter is coming! :)

This weekend Easter is starting for us! :) For me it is the first Easter when I’m married and the first one without my parents and not in my family home. We spent last one in my home city even though we were not even engaged! (this was shocking for our families :P)  M was sooo sad for the idea of spending Easter apart from me, so I took him with me – that was so sweet ;)) This year we are here and we are a very small family :P  I had no idea how both of us could make this time somehow special… apart from eating a lot of eggs :P Fortunately M encouraged me to take some actions that would make this time more spacial :)  We didn’t eat meat on Good Friday, we cleaned our apartment (yeah, that’s sign of something special, we don’t do it very often :P), prepared a lot of great food to just eat during the weekend and we bought these lovely daffodils :D

Easter daffodils are these kind of flowers that you can see mainly in this part of the year. When I bought them they had only 3 flowers. I watered them in the evening and during overnight they become just like that!! :)

Easter daffodils

Our Easter daffodils

Easter daffodils

Lovely Easter daffodils

Happy Easter everyone! :)

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