Garlic baked salmon

Garlic baked salmon - Ingredients

Garlic baked salmon – Ingredients


I’m not a real fan of very fishy fishes, but on the other hand I know that fishes are very healthy. Salmon made according to this recipe is very delicate and aromatic. Also, you’ll not have to clean the frying pan afterwards! :)


To prepare the fish you will need:
•    4 medium pieces of raw salmon
•    4 cloves of garlic – sliced
•    8 champignons – peeled and cutted in half
•    1 lemon – for juice
•    2 tbsp. butter
•    2 tsp. of vegeta
•    1 tsp. herbal seasoning for fishes

Garlic baked salmon - Before baking

Garlic baked salmon – Before baking


Put each salmons’ piece on separate piece of aluminum foil. Sprinkle them with seasoning and drizzle with lemon.  Place slices from 1 garlic and spread ½ tbsp. of butter on each piece of fish. Then place 2 champignons on each piece and sprinkle with a bit of vegeta and pepper.

Wrap it giving some space inside. Bake in oven in 300°F for 50 minutes.


A good idea is to bake some small potatoes in the same time, also wrapped in aluminum foil :)
Garlic baked salmon - Ready :)

Garlic baked salmon – Ready :)

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