Happy New Year 2013! :)

The New Year’s Party was really great, so great that… I couldn’t sober and wake up for the whole next day :P  Now my M is in packing mode and he finally started realizing that he’s leaving ;) It’s a pity that we’ll not discover all the new places together and that he’ll have everything on his head… The apartment that we are going to live in for the first 60 days has housekeeping included :D  For now everything in the US seems to be so easy and perfect, or maybe there are 2 things worst than in Poland – only 15 days of annual leave and only 8 days of paid sick leave. But I still cannot believe that Americans are really so hardworking :P

I have a few thing that I’d like to do within this month:

  • pass all exams at the first attempts, 3/9 are done! :)
  • have a couple of hours of driving lessons – I have a driving license but I haven’t used it for 6 years :(
  • write (or at least start very aggressive ;)) my bachelor thesis + meet with my promoter
  • visit some doctors, dentist, etc

It seems there is so much to do and I won’t have time to miss my husb ;) But I think I’ll miss him massive! Only 20h together left… :(

Happy New Year 2013! :)

Happy New Year 2013! :)

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