Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m very excited that I’ll share my thoughts & experience with you – hope you’ll like it!

I’ll have 3 additional sections apart from my daily blog. The first will be about my experiments in the kitchen – hope we’ll share some recipes for great and quite simple food. We can prepare together something international as pizza :D Or I can teach you how to make some typically polish dishes, like borscht for example :)

I’ll also have section about books & movies – there you will find things which I’ve seen/read recently. If you are not only a great fan of movies like ‘American Pie 9’, you should probably find there something good :)   I’ll try to get you more familiar with some nice Polish movies, Czech sense of humor and maybe something from big Russia also.  American movies will also be present there for sure!
Third section will be about traveling. At the beginning it will be more from theoretical point of view, as I’d like to describe my American journeys there, but I’ve never been to the US yet! :)   So now for a couple of months I’ll be describing only my ideas about living in US.  And then, when the day 0 comes, I’ll confront my dreams with reality! Hope that won’t be painful ;)

Welcome once again and enjoy exploring my world! :)

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