Hurrey!!! We’ve just bought tickets for holidays :D

Yes, I’m very excited! :D  As usual everything was very spontaneous and my excitement reached its zenith before clicking ‘book’ :D  We wanted to go to a travel agency as I may have some problems with documents  (I haven’t changed my passport and ID card yet to state my new surname ;)) but I just couldn’t wait and we arranged everything on-line while being at work :)

Egypt - map

Egypt – map

Our destination is… Egypt!

Egypt is located close to Europe but it’s both in Africa and Asia :)  The city that we are going to, Sharm-el-Sheikh, is Asian part. Egypt has the second  longest river in the world – the Nile. It is 6,650 km (4,130 miles) long and it runs through many African countries. It’s not very clean actually… but without it there would be probably no life in these countries. As you are flying by plane you can  see mostly desert or blue Nile’s line boosted with green. It’s just unbelievable. It makes me feel a bad girl wasting so much water… It’s not so easy to imagine that for many people on our planet water is the greatest wonder and need.

Red Sea - incredible underwater world

Red Sea – incredible underwater world

The most fantastic thing about Egypt is its incredibly beautiful sea – Red Sea. It’s called so because of its reefs that are very often red :)  They are just amazing… and those colorful fishes swimming around them. Mmmm… the underwater world is so calm, harmonious and beauteous.

When I’ve been for the first time in Egypt I was totally afraid of jumping into this water full of fishes (people were additionally feeding them, so there were just thousands of them! ;))  Now I’m relaxed but I feel more comfortable in my smart diving suit (just in case they are hungry :P)

I once saw a shark there! It was small but still IT WAS A SHARK :P I want to forget about this traumatic experience ;)

We are going there on the 27th of November, for 8 full days. We took all inclusive option, so I I’ll have to be on a diet again after we return :P Life is so unfair.. ;)

Camel and the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

Camel and the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

Of course Egypt is best known for the Pyramids in Cairo. They were built in 2650 BC. They are huuuuuge and till now people are wondering how it was possible to create something like this so many years ago without all these sophisticated machines that we have now. Some believe that the UFO took part in constructing it. Well… who knows! ;)

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