Kirkland Washington weather

On my flight to Seattle-Tacoma airport I had a fantastic weather so I could admire the area from bird’s eye view. It is remarkable – full of green, water and mountains!  We were flying over Greenland and Canada and I was really able to see the snow there! This was incredible – just white snow and nothing else…

My first impression after leaving the airport was the air – wet and cold but seemed very clean. The taxi driver told me that I was having a great weather as the Sun was sometimes visible threw clouds ;) I thought he’s just exaggerating!  On my way to Kirkland I was admiring huge trees that were everywhere (it looked like a forest sometimes) and soon after 5pm I got dark.

As Kirkland is located in Washington state near to ocean’s channels it’s climate can be described as oceanic or temperate marine. Because of the fact that it’s quite close the North Pacific Ocean, winters here are wet and mild, whereas summers are usually warm and dry (at least I hope this is the truth! ;))

Temperature in Kirkland Washington

Temperature in Kirkland Washington

It’s also quite wet here. It’s not raining all the time but it’s like a constant drizzle. I think nights are worst as it’s always wet in the morning. However, I haven’t noticed any puddles so it’s not so wet that you have to use wellingtons :P

Rainfall in Kirkland

Rainfall in Kirkland

I think the worst thing there is the fact that it’s nearly always cloudy. This can be unhealthy because the body is unable to produce vit D. I was advised today by a WA citizen that I should really consider taking supplements with vit D.

My overall impression of the climate is good so far but I just like such weather. I hope I’ll not be depressed with it soon! ;)

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