Les Amours Imaginaires by Xavier Dolan

I’d say that I rather don’t belong to French movies’ enthusiasts. Maybe because I generally consider France as a country made for buffoons ;)   Not sure why, these are probably awful stereotypes, but who is free of them? ;)

Poster Les Amours Imaginaires

Poster Les Amours Imaginaires

‘Les Amours Imaginaires’ is a story full of energy and emotions, about friendship and love, rivalry and betrayal. The characters, Francis and Marie, are good friends. One wild night they meet Nicolas, a young intriguing man who had just arrived to Montreal. From one meeting to another, each moment spent together with their new friend makes Francis and Marie more and more fascinated by him. Soon they realize that their obsession  turns into a love battle. The competition for Nicolas’  favor and affection threaten their friendship, which seemed to be indestructible.


As I hadn’t read any reviews or description of this movie before watching it, I was really surprised by its contents. It’s so emotional and passionate – friendship between woman and a man, hetero and gay love, jealousy and betrayal… and all showed within 90 minutes and with an excellent French taste.

The film is also magic because of  its great and perfectly accordant soundtrack. After watching it I was so surprised that I remembered about 3 songs from it, which is not very common for me ;)  The music was somehow smuggled in this film, but was present all the time.

There is a theory saying that music perfectly matching to a movie is the one that you don’t realize listening to while watching :)

Francis and Marie

Francis and Marie


Anyway, you must see this extremely passionate movie!  It’s just made for Saturday evening together with some dark chocolate and a glass of red wine… mmm :)


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