Manhattan by Woody Allen

I feel ashamed to admit, but I watched my first Woody Allen’s movie 2 years ago! Of course I heard about Allen much earlier but his movies are never displayed in TV, at least on canals that I know ;)

To watch this movie I was nearly forced by my M, as few Allen’s movies are his favorite ever :) When we told me a bit about the plot, I was totally against . A man in a mid-life crisis dating a teenager – nothing special and to some extent disgusting I thought. Well, I was so wrong! Good, that by M managed to forced me to watch it, although he perfectly knew my opinion ;) (sometimes I don’t even need to watch a movie to have it :P )

Issaak Davis with his 17-year-old girlfriend

Issaak Davis with his 17-year-old girlfriend

The atmosphere of this movie is to be felt from it’s first seconds:

‘Chapter One: He adored New York City. He idolized it all out of proportion. Uh, no, make that he romanticized it all out of proportion.’  This is the beginning of Manhattan – one of the best Woody Allen’s movie. Watching it we can just feel Allen’s incredible love to New York City.

Manhattan Poster

Manhattan Poster

The main character in this movie is Isaac Davis – a 42-year-old comedy writer, who is dating 17-year-old girl named Tracy. Issac’s best friend, Yale, seems to be happily married to Emily, but he’s dating an intellectual – Mary. Isaac is aware that his relationship with such young lady may be risky, as she’s getting more and more involved in this affair. Isaak is also facing problems at work and he begins to be dissatisfied with his career as a writer. Moreover, he’s also concerned about the release of his ex-wife biography. Their marriage ended when she left him for another woman. Isaac has many doubts whether he will be able to treat Tracy as seriously as she deserves for. Mary dreams about permanent relationship that Yale will probably be unable to offer. Both of them are somehow lonely in their relationships and start attracting each other. This situation cannot last forever.


After I had watched it I knew that I just have to see all Woody Allen’s movies that exist :) Or most for sure!

Main Characters of Manhattas

Main Characters of Manhattan

It’s obvious that such brief plot cannot express the feelings associated with this 95 minutes work. In my opinion in Allen’s movies it’s not really about the plot. All his movies are made with such great passion, heart and unusual attention to seemingly insignificant details.

Generally this movie initiated my deep love to Woody Allen, both as actor and director. Although I prefer when he acts both roles at once!! :)  I’m giving it 10/10!

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