Mary and Max by Adam Elliot

I don’t remember exactly how I came across this movie – most probably it was recommended by someone on a blog together with other movies that I knew and liked. Before I started to watch it I hadn’t known that this is an animation. If I knew it, I’d probably not decide to watch it. And the worst thing in that scenario is that I would not even know what I lost! ;)

Mary Dinkle

Mary Dinkle

There are two main characters in this movie – Mary and Max – and they are as dissimilar to each other as you could imagine. Sex, age, generation, lifestyle, habits, timezones… it’s all differ them.  But there is one thing that they have in common – both are lonely…

Mary and Max - poster

Mary and Max – poster


Mary, an 8 years old complexed girl from Australia, decides one day that she wants to find a friend for a lifetime. As this has been impossible for far in Australia, she decides to look for somebody in US. The lot fells on Max Horovitz, a depressed, 45 years old lonely man from New York. It starts with one letter sent with a chocolate bar and lasts forever…

I was totally bewitched watching this movie. It’s absolutely magic. I even liked the fact that this is animation :)

It has been a while since I have seen a movie like this.  Such a beautiful story showed in so simple and smart way. I really enjoyed watching it – it touched me sometimes but also made smile a lot :)

Mary's mother

Mary’s mother



If you are  at least a little reflective, you would enjoy this movie for sure:)

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