Moving to Washington state, finally!

 Finally everything seems to be on the right track – I’m moving to Washington state! :) I have a new flight reservation which is fortunately the same as I had last week :) It’ll take me 17h to get to Seattle! I’m starting in Warsaw at 7:45am and fly to London Heathrow which takes 2:45h. There I’ll have to wait 6h for my direct flight to Seattle-Tacoma airport. The journey takes 9:35h and I’ll be at 4.05pm in Seattle screaming with joy:D On the arrival I’ll be requested to arrange some formalities concerning my visa and… I’ll be on my way to my beloved husband whom I haven’t seen for nearly 5 weeks now! :D

Me on Thursday morning :D

Me on Thursday morning :D

Today I spent all my day packing and wondering what is worth taking and what’s not. All of my dresses were so wanting to go with me but I manged to refuse some of them :P I’ll be traveling with one huuuge suitcase and we’ll also be sending 3 big bags with different staff (mainly my shoes but #… :P)

Tomorrow my mom is coming to Warsaw to say goodbye to me. It’s funny that I’ve been here alone for 5 weeks and was always telling that I want to leave as soon as possible and now my family is shocked that I’m already leaving! ‘Why don’t you stay for a few days more?’ Hmm… what for? :P

By the way, do you know what is the busiest airport by passenger traffic? I thought it will be JFK in New York or London Heathrow but nothing like that! The first place belongs to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, no 2 is Beijing Capital International Airport in China and 3rd is Heathrow in London. JFK is on 17th place!

The picture is so nice but I don't like flying! :)

The picture is so nice but I don’t like flying! :)

I’m so excited about the journey! Sometimes I’m not feeling really good when being on the plane but now I’m so highly motivated and so willing to finally be with my M that I’m ready to suffer! :P

And now… back to packing and back to cleaning :) Hurray! :)

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