My lucky day :)

Yesterday I had such a lucky day that I just couldn’t believe it is all possible to happen in a just few hours… :)

First of all I finished my driving lessons and I really felt comfortable while driving! :) Of course I need a lot of practice but for me the goal was to overcome a fear… The are a lot of especially women who are horrible drivers but they don’t care and drive :) I don’t think this is always right and safe but at least they are not afraid as I USED TO :P (yes, Anna, keep on telling yourself that you are courageous!  Your subconscious will finally believe in it:P)

After the driving I went to my Uni for my last exam results. And I passed! That meant the end my exam session and that I am the most clever person in the world :P

Happiness is something that makes you feel like you could move mountains :)

Happiness is something that makes you feel like you could move mountains :)

Then I had to go to arrange some formalities at my dean’s office and I managed to do it without any issues. I’m not sure how it looks in other countries but here… the atmosphere in dean’s office is quite specific and if you are lucky to arrange something, you are really lucky :P

Being at the university I accidentally met my promoter :) This was good as I hadn’t been in touch with him since hmmm 3 months? ;) We talked for a while and it was really nice.

When I came back home people who were installing our new wardrobe has just finished and the result was great :) We have w beautifully arranged corridor and… we are just leaving it :P

I also had something good waiting for me when I opened my mailbox! (I don’t have a smartfon or other gadget of this type, believe in it? ;))  I had a message from my future lecturer stating that she understands that I have to leave and if I feel good enough in maths, I can try doing some computer classes on my own. Luckily my husband studied Maths and I can always find some tricky ways to encourage him to do something for me :P What is more, I don’t think he feels lossy because of that :P But that’s my secret ;)

So yeah, that was a good day! :D

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