My poor knee contd. :)

The condition of my poor knee is now much better :)  It still hurts a bit when I’m tying to move or bend it but this is nothing comparing to what I felt at the beginning ;)

I’ve been to the doctor yesterday to perform ultrasound study. It showed that my patella and ligaments are fine, I have no cysts or this kind of unpleased things ;)

However there are signs of slight lateralization and grade I/II chondromalacia of my knee. So could be better but thanks God it’s not worst! Starting from next week I should often swim and ride a bike. I’ll also have physiotherapy prescribed, including lasers, lights, massages, etc :)

Despite the physical inconvenience, I had 2 weeks out of work (tomorrow is the last day…;( ) and I really managed to rest in a mental way. This year wasn’t easy for me at work. Shortly after I had joined the company, my boss went on sick leave because of pregnancy (she was in her 3rd month…) and has been continuing that with maternity leave – for 6 months. I’m the only person in my department and with no help, I was going really crazy sometimes ;)

According to the plan, she should come back at the end of September – I hope she will!

Sitting at home gave me finally an opportunity to catch up with many pleasure things like books, movies or even some stupid TV series, which I missed! ;)

Conclusion?   No matter what happens – just try to enjoy your life! :D

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