Nature near Las Vegas – Valley of fire

When we were in Las Vegas it was soooo hot that during the day you had to be either gambling in a casino or in a car with excellent air conditioning ;) As we wanted to see as much as we can, we decided just to drive somewhere. Exactly – just somewhere. We just picked an area quite close to Las Vagas that was green on the map (we were thinking of a forrest!) and there was a lake nearby. I took my sweaming suit and we went!

As we were getting closer, there was still nothing green on the horizon! What is more, it was becoming more and more… unpredictable ;)

Getting there! :)

Getting there! :)

When we got to the Valley of fire state park and we just couldn’t believe our eyes! Wooow, it was soooo amazing!!!! :D Just have a look :) 

Valley of fire - drive thru ;) #1

Valley of fire – drive thru ;) #1

As it was so freaking hot, we did most of the tour as drive thru :) Actually, it was really cool as there were nearly any cars and in fact  you could see most of the things while driving :)

Valley of fire - drive thru ;) #2

Valley of fire – drive thru ;) #2

Me and red mountains :)

Me and red mountains :)

What we liked is the fact that everywhere where the view was really nice there was a huuuuge parking lot. You may say it’s logical but believe me – not in every country ;))

Valley of fire - drive thru ;) #3

Valley of fire – drive thru ;) #3

That was for sure one on the best spontaneous trips we’ve ever made! :D Valley of fire is definitely worth seeing :)

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