I don’t know where to start… It has been one of the most crazy 24h in my life.  Let me start from the beginning then.

Since more or less one month I felt occasional pain in right part of my stomach. On Friday this pain was with me all the time and there was something disturbing about it… It was still present on Saturday and Sunday but the pain wasn’t huge generally, it was rather strange. I had my university this weekend and I managed to attend classes, so it was not really bad ;) I have a medical center close to my flat, so we dropped there by coming back from university at about 7pm.  The doctor was helpful, examined me (I felt no pain) and said that I should do ultrasound study of stomach and immediate urine test. And so I did – they promised that the results of urine test will be available within 5-6h and they’ll call me at night.

The didn’t call me at night but when I was at the university already. I was informed that urine test showed signs of inflammation. On Saturdays I have a 1,5h gap between lectures and I wanted to see the doctor again. (I thought that if I have an extra insurance, I should benefit from that in such cases.) It was 1pm. The second doctor was kind but as he was an internist, he couldn’t do much – he advised to go to a public hospital.

In the first hospital we were told that they had no emergency department so we couldn’t look for help there. We went to another public hospital. Generally I had to wait more then  2h for any help or interest (even though there were no people there..) For my husband’s question “How long we’ll we have to wait?’ the answer was “Wait’. Their final decision was that they were unable to help me and that I should go to another public hospital. And so we did. It was after 8pm already.

This hospital wasn’t different at all – the staff was chatting and was no helpful at all. I want to forget all these horrible things I saw and heard at these hospitals. A very rude and unpleasant doctor, that was interviewing people on the corridor (!!) wrote on my patient’s card that I have unknown bladder tumor and said that I should go home now. No further explanation. It was 11pm. We were shocked but I felt that it cannot be true. Today we were in the hospital before 8am to go to urologist. It took a while and the doctor was extremely rude – he was ignoring me or shouting… This is the truth about Polish health service – sad.

Generally I was advised to do stomach ultrasound study for the 3rd time. When I was telling the doctors where I felt the pain and asking them kindly to check that, they just refused – ‘stomach is examined only in laying position’. I have a specific pain, which was present only when I was standing or sitting, however all the test are done when you are laying…



I came back again to my private care center, a very nice doctor did my 3rd ultrasound and for the first time someone was interested in the fact that I feel the pain only standing or sitting! He checked that and had his diagnosis – floating kidney. It means that a kidney is not in one place as it should be but it can move… Don’t ask me how it’s possible ;) Over 80% of patient with this condition are not aware of that as it may not give any symptoms. If it does, it is usually not treated anyhow, as this is not dangerous. It may be when the kidney press other organs. It is estimated that only 20% of patients undergo surgery (yes, I did Google research today! ;))

This is not the final diagnosis but at least this is a good track (according to my feelings ;)) I’ll have blood tests and gynecologic ultrasound tomorrow  and I’m seeing urologist on Friday. Hope that will be end of this story….

Looking at the condition of Polish health service I’m simply scared of getting ill. During 24h I was examined by… let me count… 11 doctors!  And with each I had to start telling my story from the scratch. Now I’m trying to convince my stomach to recover – it already knows how awful hospitals and some doctors are, so I hope it will be fine soon! (Must be, we have our holidays paid already! :D)

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