November news

There are so many ongoing things that I hardly find some time just for myself!! And it’s all because of my husband and thousand of his creative ideas every day :P This week he decided to renovate his old page, which he set up as a 1st year student, so more or less ages ago ;)   This site is, however, veeeery popular (to my initial surprise:P) It’s main idea is to create shoutboxes (real-time chats) that people can place on their blog or website. The nicest thing is that, in the contrary to all available shoutboxes on the Interenet, his are totally for free – he just likes the fact that people around the world are using a component created by him and often saying nice thanks words :)

Yes, but someone paid a huge price for his good mood this week and it was me, unfortunately! :P

Apart from that we are finising arranging our flat… Some minor amendments are done right now by renovation team. We only have two rooms finished, key I would say ;) – kitchen and bathroom. Bedroom will be done within the next 2-3 weeks and that will be all for this year.  I feel a bit sad when choosing things to this flat – it’s so much bigger, more beautiful and modern then mine is and… we will only be living there for maybe 3 weeks together :( Then my naughty husband will leave to the US and I’ll stay there alone for another month (whole bed and bath only for me, yeah! :D) This flat is so beautiful and so… expensive! We have totally run out of money because of it – it soaks money like a sponge ;)  The thing I regret most when thinking about leaving is the fact that this new kitchen has a dishwasher! :D  For me it’s like the 8th wonder of the world as I hate washing dishes! Now my husband works as our dishwasher and in fact I should not grumble but I’m just afraid of a revolt that can come one day :P  (Thank you, Sweethart, we would be lost without you :*)

Thank you, Sweethart, we would be lost without you :*

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