Olympic Games 2012 – could you be a sportsmen?

How I wish Olympic games were not over yet! It was in fact the first time that I was so involved in watching them.  Maybe it’s because I have my living room and dining room in one now, but maybe this was not the only reason ;)

I was really fascinated with all those variety of disciplines, some of them are sooo strange for me, like shooting from a lying position, table tennis is also quite funny :) I’ve always enjoyed watching gymnastics and synchronized diving – these are very graceful disciplines. On contrary I hate women’s weightlifting – it’s not nice at all! I consider this as deterioration of the nicest women’s attributes – both appearance and inside. They are really wasting their health. In Poland we had a hummer throwing women, who won gold medal in Sydney 2000  at the age of only 18.  She was also a 12-times Polish Champion in this discipline. Suddenly, at the age of 26 during a training session in Portugal, she suffered a mortal heart attack. It was a shock – who should be healthier than an athlete? Sad…

Michael Phelps wins in the men's swimming 200m individual medley

Michael Phelps wins in the men’s swimming 200m individual medley

Coming back to London’s Olympics – it was great to watch people who are real champions in their discipline, like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt. When someone is able to defend gold medal after 4 years, it really means something!  Do you know what is their average speed? Of course Phelp’s speed is much less spectacular, but you have to remember that he’s swimming. He’s average speed is  4,5 mph (7,23km/h), which means that it takes him 13 minutes to cover a distance of 1 mile! It’s a speed of a fast walk :)

And Bolt – it’s even difficult to imagine that! He needs just a bit over 2 minutes to cover a mine, which means that his speed is 27.45 mph (44.172 km/h)!   Unbelievable, isn’t it?

I also felt sorry for some former champions who failed. Most of them were preparing for the Olympic games for four years and one start judged everything.  It must me quite tough to rise after a failure. You have to be a real Phoenix and  rise like from ashes!

Although I really admire them, I could never ever be a sportsmen. Trainings every day, healthy lifestyle, being on a diet, chocolate limits supervised by my coach… brrrr sounds terrific :)

Usain Bolt - fastest men in the world

Usain Bolt – fastest men in the world

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