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Our trip to Olympic National Park

Olympia National Park is one of a couple National Parks in the Washington State. We went there for just a weekend and it was cooper cool!

You can find there everything in one place: lakes, rain forest, snowy mountains and an ocean! Would you believe it? I guess no :)

We stayed in Super 8 hotel in Port Angeles. The hotel was one of the worst I’ve ever been to and pricey ($150) ! Apart from that we had a lot of fun. We did a couple of short hikes in the forest, we did the Hurricane Ridge drive (amazing!) and went on the beautiful Ruby beach. You can see some pictures below :)

Rain Forest in Olympic National Park

Rain Forest in Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge at Olympic National Park


National Parks of Utah

We saw most of National Parks of Utah. Let me describe our trip day by day, in pictures :)

Day 1 – Salt lake City

2hrs flight from Seattle to Salt Lake City. We rented our Jeep, drove to hotel and prepared for the trip next day :)

Salt Lake City panoram (SLC)

Salt Lake City panoram (SLC)

Day 2 – Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville Salt Flats were really cool and quite unexpected. Just fields with salt… amazing!

Bonneville Salt Flats near SLC

Bonneville Salt Flats near SLC

Day 3&4 – Capitol Reef National Park

Our first canyons! We met with our friends there and started real adventure ;) (more…)

What to do in Utah in a couple of days

In a couple of days we are going to Utah! Our friends from Poland will be there for a canyons’ tour and we decided to join them. I’m a bit concerned about this hiiiigh temperature and hiking but it’s just the nature of South :)

This is where Utah is :)

This is where Salt Lake City, Utah is :)

Utah National Parks

During our 10 days stay we are going to make a tour. This is our plan:

  • 2 days in Salt Lake City
  • 2 days in Capitol Reef National Park
  • 1 day in Escalante National Park
  • 1 day in Bryce National Park
  • 2 days in Zion National Park
  • 2 days in Grand Canyon
Mustangs are still living in Utah!

Mustangs are still living in Utah!

I’m so happy we are going there :) Adventures, here we come!

Waikiki Beach & Diamond Head :)

We came back from Hawaii yesterday. It was just amazing! Everything in one place – blue crystal ocean, mountains, white sand and lots of green… We had a great time, partly lazy and partly active. We rented a car and went round the Aohu island. Our hotel was located on Waikiki beach so we had amazing view from our balcony- on the ocean and on Diamond head. It was one of the best vacation ever! :) Just see some of our photos :)

Nice wide view

Nice wide view

View from our hotel - wow!

View from our hotel – wow!


Hawaiiiiiii :)

Hi! :) It will be just a quick note to tell you that we are going to Hawaii today to celebrate Michael’s 28th birthday :) Wow…. ! I just can’t believe in that, it seems like going to a paradise :)  We’s have a direct 6hrs flight and we’ll stay there for 8 nights. Sounds great and I think it will be ever better, wow! That’s a nice place for birthday :)) Here are some pictures of Honolulu, as we’re staying there:

Hawaii - Honolulu Airport

Hawaii – Honolulu Airport

Hawaii - Honolulu

Hawaii – Honolulu beach

Hawaii is so beautiful! :D

Hawaii is so beautiful! :D

My first acupuncture! :D

Today I had my first acupuncture session! It was pretty cool and I really enjoyed those peaceful moments of relaxation with needles in my body ;) When the lady inserted needles in my body after a minute I felt sooo good and somehow joyful :P I cannot explain that but it was like my body was saying that it is beneficial. I had about 10 needles – in my hands, feet, one in head and one in ear (!) :P  I was left with them for 30 minutes in a peaceful, cozy and warm room with a relaxing music. Mmmm…. that was a great experience! :)

Acupuncture is not as painful as it seems! ;)

Acupuncture is not as painful as it seems! ;)

Business Administration course @ University of Washington

As I’m finishing my bachelor in Management at Warsaw School of Economics, I thought it would be a nice idea to start something else… again :P  I’m now attending  in Business Administration at University of Washington. And it’s REALLY intensive! :P Much too intensive than I expected it to be ;)  Still it’s cool to learn new things, especially about how things work in the US. Here leraning is much more hands-on. You learn mostly by reading cases and appropriate lectures before class and you are expected to come to the class with that knowledge! The aim of the lecturer is mainly to guide you and answer some questions in case you have them.  It’s a totally different approach than in most of European countries, where we get veeery deep into sophisticated theory and there is not much time left to see how it all works in real life.

I’m not sure which method is better. InPoland I sometimes felt like a master of theory but had no idea how to implement it in life situation. Here, from time to time, I have an impression that I read interesting and cool things but in the classrom we end up talking about basic silly things or we are given very brief or no explanation as maybe we won’t get that anyway? ;)

Despite all, I enjoy that course a lot! :D  Here are some nice pictures of UW:

University of Washington during Spring :)

University of Washington during Spring :)

University of Washington - fountain and Mt Rainier

University of Washington – fountain and Mt Rainier

It's really beautiful there!

It’s really beautiful there!