Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock

This movie is over 50 years old now and it’s in black & white style, however it’s still considered as one of the most famous films in the history of cinema. Some of the most characteristic scenes (eg in the shower) entered for good to the canon of world’s cinema.

I came across this movie when I was looking for a nice horror and Hitchcock seemed to be a classic example of that :)

Psycho Poster

Psycho Poster

Marion Crane in an officeworker living in Phoenix. She’s unhappy with the way life treats her. She’s dating Sam, a divorced man, who has to spend most of his money on alimony. They usually see each other few times a week for a lunch break and can’t get married or even live together because of Sam’s difficult material situation. One Friday Marion’s employer gives her $40,000 to be taken to bank. Although at the beginning the lady doesn’t have any bad intentions, after a while she starts dreaming. Having such amount of money she could start a new life, better than she could ever imagine…

Marion and Norman in the motel

Marion and Norman in the motel


She takes a final decision and leaves the city, heading to California, where Sam lives. All the time she’s facing with an obsession that everybody knows what she has done. Being tired after a long drive, she decides to stop in a quiet motel far from the main highway. The motel is managed by a shy young man, Norman, who seem to be sexually attracted by Marion. Marion overhears Norman having an argument with his mother, who seem to be a very dominant person.


Everything what happens next is totally unpredictable – it’s a real masterwork in Hitchcock’s style ;) When creating movies he always tried to surprise the audience and keep it in suspense till the end.

At the beginning I thought I exactly know what will happen and I was a bit disappointed that it’s going to be a melodrama. I was so wrong ;)  I’ll not tell you more – just watch it!

Norman's House

Norman’s House

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