Relaxing Friday with Monty Python’s sketches

Today, for the first time ever I had some spare time at work (Can’t believe in that!) And guess what :) I started to watch some funny movies!

I remember that at the time when I was young, sweet and lovely, when there were still some dinosaurs on the Earth and no one had heard about the Internet yet, once a week on Sunday afternoon, there was a TV show with amusing videos sent by people. It was a really popular show, everyone watched it at that time. Comparing to the variety and quality nowadays it was very poor but who knows if the joy of watching it wasn’t even greater than it is now ;)

The sense of humor I have now is a little bit more sophisticated and besides of funny cats that used to be my only love, I enjoy other things too ;)

Monty Python poster

Monty Python poster

While I was searching for a good entertainment I came across a webpage with great  Monty Python compilation :) You know them for sure. This is a British comedy group that was created in late 60s’ but their sketches are still extremely popular due to their surrealistic timeless humor. It’s a shame, but I watched their first movie just a few years ago!  I immediately felt in love with the funny world they create :))

I wish I had more days of chill at work!

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