Salmon baked with Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is a traditional mixture of dried herbs typical for south-eastern part of France – Provence. Now they are popular worldwide and, as the name ‘Herbes de Provence’ is not anyhow protected, there is no guarantee that the herbs we buy under this name comes from France or even if it has exactly the same ingredients or proportions as the original recipe ;)

But it’s still worth eating them – they are 100% natural and improve digestion, so they are recommended for fat dishes. Because of their intensive flavor, they are a great addition to insipid meals and serve often as a substitute of salt for people who cannot eat it.

In case of this recipe Herbes de Provence will be used to emphasize delicate flavor of salmon :)

Salmon baked with Herbes de Provence

Salmon baked with Herbes de Provence


To prepare it you need just:

  • 4 medium pieces of raw salmon
  • 2 tbsp. butter
  • ½ lemon – for juice
  • 4 tsp. Herbes de Provence – ready mixture



Put each salmons’ piece on separate piece of aluminum foil. Sprinkle them with herbs, drizzle with lemon and spread ½ tbsp. of butter on each piece of fish.

Wrap it giving some space inside. Bake in oven in 300°F for 50 minutes.

Enjoy a refined taste of France :)

Pieces of salmon look nice when served on separate salad leaves, decorated with lemon slices.
Salmon baked with Herbes de Provence

Salmon baked with Herbes de Provence

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