Suicide Room by Jan Komasa

Suicide Room - Dominik

Suicide Room – Dominik

At first I saw the trailer for this film at the cinema when I was there to watch something else – it made a big impression on me. Excellent computer animations, hypnotic loud music… already at first glance something totally different than other Polish films of recent years, especially these that can be seen in a cinema.

The main character in this movie is 18 years old Dominik – intelligent and very sensitive boy from a good home. Extremely busy parents, whose you can never meet at home, are able to reward him in any material way their absence. One day changes everything in Dominik’s life – stranded in a trap of his own feelings, he’s sinking more and more into the virtual world.

Suicide Room poster

Suicide Room poster

At the beginning of the movie I had a big wooooow in my head – the film was dark, intriguing and the plot was extremely up-to-date. When the time passed it was becoming increasingly gloomy, dark and saturated with mysterious evil. Great charm was added by perfectly selected music. After a while I started to feel tired with all of these negative emotions springing from the movie, I really suffered with the character! When the film ended, I felt relief, but still for a while, I felt somehow … empty.

Suicide Room - animation kiss

Suicide Room – animation kiss

For Jakub Gierszała, the role of emo- Dominik was his debut on the big screen – very successful in my opinion. Excellent Polish actress, Agata Kulesza, starred in the role of the workaholic mother.

Another important figure in the film was announced as “an intriguing, beautiful and cunning Stranger,” which, to my horror, turned out to be starred by Roma Gąsiorowska. I remembered this actress from a theater and I was thrilled when I saw her in this movie – she does not fit into the description of a beautiful and intriguing for sure. I simply think that the way of how she speaks, is a bit… junkie, very specific.

Suicide Room animation

Suicide Room animation

Nevertheless, I recommend this movie. Even if the film won’t grasp us in 100%, I still think it is worth to watch it :)

Below you can find my favorite song from that movie – there are some scenes from the movie – hope this hypnotic music will encourage you! :)


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