Surprising goodbye

Michael had his flight to the US on Thursday, 12:35. We wake up early, had a nice breakfast, coffee, both were sad, took a taxi to the airport, he gave his baggage away and we said goodbye… The biggest stress associated with this journey was because it was only 2h in New Your to do the check in, arrange some visa papers, have baggage checked by US security and of course change the terminal ;) Seems quite impossible to be done within 2h but M is always a lucky man ;P After 30minutes from the scheduled departure I receive a call from M – ‘I’m still in Warsaw’  ‘Relax, it will for sure take off soon and will just fly faster!’ (haha :P)  I got another call from M after 1,5h – ‘We have some technical problems, we’ve been already trying to take off twice’ Oopss…. I began to worry! Finally, after 3h I received a message I would never expect- ‘Kitty, I’m staying in Warsaw tonight, my flight has been cancelled!’ :D

M said that he’s not from Warsaw and he received vouchers for 2 nights at Marriott hotel! :) I was sooooo happy that I’ll see him again :) I dressed smartly and took a bus to the airport. We had a lovely evening and the bed was so comfortable that… we woke up 15 minutes before the end of breakfast serving! :P

Old town in Warsaw

Old town in Warsaw

We had a lovely Friday. No worries, no job, no liabilities… just we, trying to enjoy moments together as much as possible admiring Warsaw decorated for Christmas:) These were really magic moments, like given extra for us to enjoy ourselves  :)

Now it’s Saturday. Michael left at 4.40 in the morning for the airport and he’s still in a plane, he has just 1 hour left! I cannot wait for him being on Skype to ask how our new country, city, flat, everything look like!!!! :D I’ll have millions of questions as he was there for weeks :P  I’m so excited that something new is beginning!

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