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Roasted turkey thigh – cold meat

Turkey is said to be the most healthy meat as it is very fussy when it comes to choosing food to eat.
This is a proposal for roasted turkey thigh served as cold meat for sandwiches. It’s really healthy :)

Salmon baked with Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is a traditional mixture of dried herbs typical for south-eastern part of France – Provence.

Curry chicken and broccoli salad

I love broccoli, chicken, salty taste of Feta cheese and spicy curry :) I discovered this mix being in salad restaurant some time ago and I immediately tried to do it myself at home. It was even better! ;))

Turkey breast with blue cheese and pear

This meal is a combination of 3 things I like a lot – poultry, sweetness and blue smelly cheese :)
It looks quite sophisticated but in fact it’s really easy. I love such recipes! ;)

Garlic baked salmon

I’m not a real fan of very fishy fishes, but on the other hand I know that fishes are very healthy. Salmon made according to this recipe is very delicate and aromatic. Also, you’ll not have to clean the frying pan afterwards! :)

Pineapple and curry chicken salad

Baked curry chicken, pineapple, sweet corn…
exotic taste of this salad will probably recall you of your last great holidays and remind you to plan something for next season! :)