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Easy dinner salad

Generally I love all types of salads. Meat + salad makes a perfect dinner :D
This salad contains all vegetables that remind me of summer – tomatoes, paprika, red onion and olives. I’m thinking of my last holidays in Greece eating it! :)

Pickled cucumbers salad

This is a simple and tasty salad, a perfect addition for every meal with meat or fish. What is more – nothing can go wrong during preparing it ;)

Simple dinner salad with tomato and cabbage

This is probably one of the simplest salad in the world. I tried it few years ago and I felt in love with it. Since that time, it’s been regularly served at my home :)

Napa cabbage salad

This a simple, 4-ingredient salad, perfect for each type of meat or fish. For me this is a basis for salads of this type. I like experimenting with adding other vegetables to it :)

Gyros salad

This is probably one of the most popular salads of recent years. It’s simple and fast. Fits every taste. It’s an absolute party must-have.