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I want to go back…

Holidays are over, this is always sad! It was great, hot and relaxing. I felt like a cat on the Sun – so lazy and soooo good :) Coming back we experienced a temperature shock and although it was to be predicted, we became a bit ill ;)  (Me again! How’s that possible?!) Anyway, I

Honeymoon :D

Tomorrow at 6am at the airport we are starting our holidays! :D This is just fantastic to have a week of hot summer when there is such cold winter here – only 4 hours by plane and it’s like you were in a different world… ;) Egypt, I’m coming! :)

Hurrey!!! We’ve just bought tickets for holidays :D

Yes, I’m very excited! :D  As usual everything was very spontaneous and my excitement reached its zenith before clicking ‘book’ :D  We wanted to go to a travel agency as I may have some problems with documents  (I haven’t changed my passport and ID card yet to state my new surname ;)) but I just