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Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock

Have you ever done something bad or said untruth? Have you had an impression that everybody is aware of that or suspect something and they are just playing with you? I think we have all experienced this strange, psychotic feeling… :)

The Shining by Stanley Kubrick, based on Stephen King’s novel

This movie is summarized by many as a masterpiece of modern horror. It is ranked as one of the 11 scariest horror movies of all time. I also consider it as really good it, however in my opinion Stephen King’s book on which it’s based is much better!

Twin Peaks by David Lynch & Mark Frost

With ‘Twin Peaks’ I associated two things only – that it was on TV when I was a child and that I always felt that it’s scary… well, I was actually right!
In fact the plot was not the main reason that I liked it so much. It was the way of how each character was introduced – each person was very specific, each has his own small bizarres. Each was suspicious. I also liked that plenty of small details in every conversation created a really absurd atmosphere.