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Car insurance in the USA for foreigners

To be able to drive your own car in the USA, car insurance is an obligatory

Buying furniture from IKEA

I’ve been in the US for 10 days so far and during this time we’ve managed to arranged many really big things!

London Heathrow airport WiFi

I’m in London right now yeahh :)

Moving to Washington state, finally!

Do you know what is the busiest airport by passenger traffic? I thought it will be JFK in New York or London Heathrow but nothing like that!

Last exam

My thoughts are in the US already…


It’s Saturday today and finally I’ll have an opportunity to talk with my beloved husband :D

Long, lonely January…

How I wish I had my flight booked and could at least cross out the days in the calendar ;)

Surprising goodbye

Michael had his flight to the US on Thursday, 12:35. We wake up early, had a nice breakfast, coffee, both were sad, took a taxi to the airport, he gave his baggage away and we said goodbye…

Happy New Year 2013! :)

The New Year’s Party was really great, so great that… I couldn’t sober and wake up for the whole next day :P  Now my M is in packing mode and he finally started realizing that he’s leaving ;) It’s a pity that we’ll not discover all the new places together and that he’ll have everything

Last day at work

Today is my last day at work and I’m a bit sad.

First Christmas in a wedlock ;)

It is said that usually the first crisis in a marriage starts when a couple has to decide where to spend their first Christmas ;)

Decision time

Hello adventures!