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Tricks by Andrzej Jakimowski

Actually I was not planning to watch “Tricks, it attracted me quite unconsciously and by accident. In the evening I turned on the TV to watch the broadcast of the Olympic Games in London. When the transmission was over, a movie began. Initially I did not pay any attention to it, but then I caught myself that I peep on it more and more often. When it was after midnight I decided that it’s time to go to bed. After a while I realized that I cannot do that until I don’t find out that is the ending like! :)

Suicide Room by Jan Komasa

At first I saw the trailer for this film at the cinema when I was there to watch something else – it made a big impression on me. Excellent computer animations, hypnotic loud music… already at first glance something totally different than other Polish films of recent years, especially these that can be seen in a cinema.