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Business Administration course @ University of Washington

Studying again! :)

Back in the US!

I’m back in the US! :) I had very convenient flight -only 14,5hrs which was great but stressful in the same time as I only had 1,5h in Frankfurt to change plane :) Luckily there was a little delay and I managed to do it. At Sea-Tac airport my lovely husband was waiting for me!

Kirkland Washington weather

My first impression after leaving the airport was the air – wet and cold but seemed very clean. The taxi driver told me that I was having a great weather as the Sun was sometimes visible ;) I thought he’s just exaggerating!


It’s Saturday today and finally I’ll have an opportunity to talk with my beloved husband :D

Long, lonely January…

How I wish I had my flight booked and could at least cross out the days in the calendar ;)

Surprising goodbye

Michael had his flight to the US on Thursday, 12:35. We wake up early, had a nice breakfast, coffee, both were sad, took a taxi to the airport, he gave his baggage away and we said goodbye…

5 great day trips beyond Seattle

While dreaming about moving to Seattle I am exploring some fantastic 1-day journeys that you can take while you are there. For me the beauty of those places is just amazing, I cannot wait seeing them in reality! :)

Weather and Climate of Seattle

Seattle has an opinion of the most rainy city in the US. If you are keen to know whether it is true or not, you must read this article! :)
Apart from that, you’ll also find here some interesting facts about Seattle weather.

Location and Population of Seatle

Everybody knows more or less where Seattle is located, but do you know where it is exactly? Some of its nicknames are: Seatown, Rain City, Gateway to Alaska, Gateway to The Pacific, so it has definitely something to do with water ;)
In this article you can also read some very interesting demographics facts about Seattle.

Sleepless in Seattle by Nora Ephorn

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know that movie? Or maybe – is there anyone in the world above 18 who doesn’t know that movie? :)
For me this comedy is a great example that there are some unique values in the world that will never be outdated…