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Spinach and blue cheese salad

Recently we invited our new friends met in the US for a dinner. In fact they are not American but Ukrainian, however they lived in Paris before coming there and become quite fussy about the food. We wanted at least try to meet expectations of their sophisticated taste ;) After a week of intensive thinking we composed this fantastic recipe.

Peach and mozzarella salad

Not so really long time ago I used to shudder at the thought of mixing fruits with salty things. Now… I’m crazy about inventing recipes containing fruit ingredient :)
This time I made a crispy salad with peaches and sweet mustard sauce. It’s just delicious!

Easy dinner salad

Generally I love all types of salads. Meat + salad makes a perfect dinner :D
This salad contains all vegetables that remind me of summer – tomatoes, paprika, red onion and olives. I’m thinking of my last holidays in Greece eating it! :)

Roasted turkey thigh – cold meat

Turkey is said to be the most healthy meat as it is very fussy when it comes to choosing food to eat.
This is a proposal for roasted turkey thigh served as cold meat for sandwiches. It’s really healthy :)

Salmon baked with Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is a traditional mixture of dried herbs typical for south-eastern part of France – Provence.

Strawberry cocktail

When I think about summer, strawberries come to my mind as one of the firsts. Their taste is sweet, refreshing and so cheerful :) It’s nearly impossible to be sad eating strawberries!

Pickled cucumbers salad

This is a simple and tasty salad, a perfect addition for every meal with meat or fish. What is more – nothing can go wrong during preparing it ;)

Simple dinner salad with tomato and cabbage

This is probably one of the simplest salad in the world. I tried it few years ago and I felt in love with it. Since that time, it’s been regularly served at my home :)

Taste of Sunset

Would you like to see a sunset by the sea now?
Well, I can show you how to do it without leaving your home!

Grapefruit Martini

Easy to-do, 2 ingredient drink, that will remind you of sunny days spent on the beach during last vacation ..:) Perfect for hot days!

Garlic baked salmon

I’m not a real fan of very fishy fishes, but on the other hand I know that fishes are very healthy. Salmon made according to this recipe is very delicate and aromatic. Also, you’ll not have to clean the frying pan afterwards! :)

Tuna paste

If you like tuna, I bet you’ll like this bread tuna paste as well!

Mackerel paste

Easy-to-do fish paste that tastes great with dark bread, lettuce and sliced eggs.

Pineapple and curry chicken salad

Baked curry chicken, pineapple, sweet corn…
exotic taste of this salad will probably recall you of your last great holidays and remind you to plan something for next season! :)

Napa cabbage salad

This a simple, 4-ingredient salad, perfect for each type of meat or fish. For me this is a basis for salads of this type. I like experimenting with adding other vegetables to it :)